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The Studiomaster Professional SX 2 is a 2 way stereo Active crossover.


The Studiomaster Professional SX 321 is an Active 2-way/3-way Stereo crossover designed for High Precision Audio Applications.

SX 341

The Studiomaster Professional SX 341 is a High-Precision Stereo 2-3 Way Stereo, 4-Way Mono Active Crossover that gives you accurate control to enhance your performance.


The Studiomaster Professional SX 521 is an Active 2-way/3-way Stereo & 4 way Mono Crossover that gives you accurate control to enhance your performance.

SEQ 152

The Studiomaster Professional SEQ 152 is a professional 15-Band graphic equalizer that goes on an extra mile to make sure your sound output is a class apart.

SEQ 302F

The Studiomaster Professional SEQ 302 F is a Dual 30 band stereo graphic equalizer with Feedback detection system.

SEQ 312

The Studiomaster Professional SEQ 312 is an Ultra Musical Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer which meets the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straightforward controls.


The Studiomaster Professional SDX - 4 Speaker Management System is an indispensable tool for precise set-up of multiple loudspeaker systems or arrays & Mid-size DJ Set-up’s. The 2+1 way crossover, with a line delay on sub outputs, provides a low-cost & easy to operate speaker management system.


The Studiomaster Professional MULTI 3 is a high quality Splitter/mixer designed to suit the needs of fixed installations as well as live sound re-inforcements.


The Studiomaster Professional SFX 8 is a high performance digital effects processor designed for Professional performers who require high-fidelity effects.

SD 300

The Studiomaster Professional SD 300 is a compact high-quality digital delay EFX processor ideal for a variety of singing, musical, and vocal applications in live, touring, and public address scenarios.


The Studiomaster Professional SCO 22 is a 2 channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate.

Phantom 11

The Studiomaster Professional Phantom 11 is a compact & high quality 48 volt Phantom Power Unit designed to be used with Condenser Microphones. A useful unit if used with a mixer that does not have provisions for on-board Phantom Power.